The Futurepump SF2   is   a   robust   surface   pump designed  to  help  smallholder  farmers  with  shallow  water sources pump  up  to  1  litre  per  second  of  waterto their crops using the power of the sun.

The FuturepumpSF2 has     three     main     parts:     the PV  panels  which  convert  sunlight  into  electrical  energy to drive the DC motor, a speciall-designed coupled   to   a   flywheel,   which   drives   a pump,   reciprocating,  positive  displacement,  high  efficiency piston pump

  • Up-gradable start with 2 panels (80W) and upgrade to 3 (120W)
  • Pumps up to 21,000 L/day (120W)
  • Performance: 3,600 L/hr at 1 m, 2,500 at 6 m (120W)
  • Can lift water 15 m
  • USB phone charging socket
  • Works well with storage tanks, drip systems and sprinklers
  • Robust caged design
  • Our smallest pump yet, with foldable panels for easy, safe transport.

  • Keeps working even if you have mud, dirt & grit in your water supply allowing you and your farm to be more productive.


  • No fuel or electricity costs
  • Robust, and farmer-fixable (as simple as a bicycle)
  • Designed with easy maintenance in mind
  • Pumps enough to irrigate around an acre
  • Ideal with tanks, sprinklers, hoses or drip systems
  • Removable, folding PV panels reduces theft risk
  • Supplied with 80W panel, upgradable to 120W
  • Solar panel ilting system for best performance
  • No damage caused by dry pumping
  • Tolerant of grid, sand mud and debris


The Flexipump is perfect for small-scale farmers who want to grow more cash crops.

Pump up to 1,600 litres per hour. As a manual pump, it requires no electricity to operate.

• Simple to Use & Maintain
• Durable Construction
• Affordable pump solution
• Make your own spare parts

Reduce your irrigation time by 80%

Swap your  bucket for a Flexipump and irrigate more land, in less time. The result?  You yield more crops, earn more money and increase your food security.

Easy to use and carry

This simple,  human-powered pump is designed to be very user-friendly. Both women and  men find it easy to manage and it’s compatible with most crops. Weighing  it at only 2.5kg, it’s simple to transport. It can even  be fixed to the back of a bicycle.


This  unique pump is cost-effective to buy, run and maintain. As a manual  pump, it requires no electricity. This means you have no running costs,  you just add value every time you use it.

Unlike many other pumps  on the market, the Flexipump requires no specific tools or shop-bought  replacement parts. Many farmers make their own spare parts from recycled  materials. You simply repair and maintain it as easily as you would a  bicycle pump.

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